We’re really pleased that you’ve shown an interest in becoming a member of The Lodge.  You might have already enjoyed staying with us – in which case you’ll know what a friendly, welcoming club we are. Or maybe you’re just considering joining a club and are looking around.  Whatever the case, this page will provide you with an outline of the privileges and responsibilities of being a member, as well as a brief history of the club, its structure and how to become a member.

  • You’ll be part of a “not for profit” club that provides a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, and which promotes active participation in Alpine Sports.
  • You’ll have very affordable access to accommodation all year round: Victoria’s premier ski resort in winter, and the beautiful High Country in summer. Current member rates are $30 per night in winter and $20 per night in “green season”.
  • While a membership is held by a single person, their nominated associate, and their children (subject to some age restrictions), also enjoy member privileges i.e. preferential bookings and member accommodation rates.
  • The Lodge, like all other clubs on the mountain, is on leased land. Unlike some other clubs, our lease does not expire until 2028 – providing us with security of tenure.
  • We employ a full-time manager throughout the ski season. This means you’ll spend less time on chores and more time having fun!

On the 19th October 1977 fourteen keen young skiers met and agreed to form a Community Advancement Society, named "The Lodge Ski Club Co-operative Limited.”

Just over twelve months later, on 26th October 1978 the members of the fledgling club met to discuss a letter received from the Mt Hotham Resort Management Committee allocating the club a building site. The total estimated cost of the project was $120,000. At that meeting the founders also discussed the appropriate number of members for the club - 30 being the preferred number. Eventually, based on the experience of other clubs, this number was increased to 80.

By Spring 1979 plans for the building had been finalized and tenders had been called. Much work had also been done on obtaining both a building loan and a government guarantee.
The builders commenced work on 7th January 1980. Throughout the building process the founding members contributed a great deal of time and effort – including the carrying of many concrete blocks. By mid-April the building reached lock-up stage. In May it was agreed to add a further eight beds at a lower level, making the overall capacity 38 beds. The official opening of The Lodge took place on Season Opening Weekend – 6th and 7th of June 1980.

Since the building’s completion we have made a number of internal alterations. The Manager’s quarters have been moved to the lowest level, with the small adjoining bathroom being reserved for their use. A number of other bedrooms have been reconfigured - with larger rooms divided into smaller rooms in response to demand for more rooms for couples. We have added an extra toilet – and a number of extra lockers for member use. Continuous maintenance and improvements ensure that the building is kept in good condition for the comfort of guests. We are regarded as one of the best-maintained lodges on the mountain.

  • The Lodge Ski Club is a registered not-for-profit Co-operative with certain legal obligations, which help ensure good governance of the club. A full set of both the club’s Rules (based on the Model Rules for Co-operatives), and Policies is available on request.
  • In becoming a member, you purchase a membership – actually a parcel of 3,900 shares. There are 80 memberships in The Lodge Ski Club Co-operative. Seventy-two of these are owned by individual members and the remaining eight - memberships that have been forfeited under our Rules - are owned by the Club. The shares in each membership parcel are not fully paid up. There is uncalled capital of approximately $700 on each membership’s parcel of shares. This amount of uncalled capital has remained the same for many years: the last call was made for the connection of gas in the mid-80s. The directors do not anticipate any call being made in the foreseeable future.
  • The club has five directors who are responsible for on-going governance. By tradition the directors fill the roles of president, secretary, treasurer, bookings and maintenance. Each director serves for a two-year term, with a two/three alternation to help continuity.
  • The club’s financial year ends on the 31st of October – after the Ski Season is over.
  • By law we must hold at least one meeting (the AGM) a year – generally towards the end of March. We also often hold a separate End of Season meeting or social event in late November. These meetings give members a chance to understand the club’ s position, and to have a say about its future. The AGM is also an opportunity for interested members to stand for election as a director.
  • Members enjoy cheap accommodation and the opportunity to make bookings before the general public. We have three booking periods each year: One for members, their associates and family; a second for members booking for their friends; and a third for the general public.
    Note: It has long been a policy of the club that children under four cannot be accommodated at The Lodge. This is partly because of the open layout of the kitchen and living area, plus the various stairs, and also as a matter of preferred ambience.
    (Our Guest Children’s Rates apply for those under 18, however Members’ children who are full time students are also eligible for Guest Children’s rates.)
  • Members have two annual responsibilities to the club.
    Firstly, they are liable for an Annual Levy. This is currently set at $240 – a figure calculated to meet our basic costs (eg Site Rental) should we have a “non-income” year.
    Secondly each member has the option of attending one of the three or four organized maintenance work parties held each year - usually between February and June - or making a financial contribution – currently set at $250 (Members who can offer certain specific skills or contributions are exempt from this requirement.)

Once you become a member you retain both your rights and responsibilities until you sell your membership – your parcel of shares. This sale, and the selling price is a matter of agreement between the owner and the would-be purchaser - the club has no control over this. The Club also holds several forfeited memberships for sale. The transfer of any membership is theoretically subject to the approval of the Board of Directors – however the Board has never blocked a sale. Where practicable, the Board requests the opportunity to meet with a potential purchaser, as both a “get to know you” opportunity and to ensure that the would-be member understands the rights and responsibilities of membership.

The process of membership transfer is:

  1. The prospective member contacts the Secretary, currently Stuart Semmens, (s.semmens@bigpond.com) (0407 057 798). The Secretary maintains a list of potential Sellers.
  2. The prospective member negotiates a price with a Seller.
    Note: Both the potential costs associated with the Annual Levy and the Work Party Levy should be taken into consideration when setting an agreed price.
    Note too, that some “older” members hold selling rights to a locker – associated with their membership. However most recent members do not own their locker, but lease one from the club – if available, at a nominal price.
  3. Once a decision is reached the Secretary sends the Seller a Share Transfer Form 
  4. The Seller completes his/her section (including the agreed sale price) and forwards the form to the Purchaser.
  5. The Purchaser completes the both pages of the form and sends it to the Secretary.
  6. The Purchaser deposits the agreed purchase price into the Club’s Bank Account – by EFT.
  7. If the Seller has any debts with the Club these can be settled prior to the transfer being approved or, alternatively, the Treasurer will forward the Seller the agreed selling price, less any debts outstanding.
  8. At some stage in this process the Board may interview the Prospective Member.
  9. Once the paperwork and financial transactions are completed, acknowledgement of the Share Transfer is provided to the Purchaser – who is then welcomed into the Club.

We hope this has answered many of your queries. Please get in touch with the Secretary if you want any further information. We are always excited to receive new members and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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